OPENING DAY: Friday, November 29th 2019

Tree Care Tips

How to care for your fresh cut Christmas Tree

  • Make a fresh cut on the trunk of the tree to remove about 1/2" of the base.
  • ​Place the tree in water as soon as possible. A fresh cut tree will absorb large amounts of water, especially the first few days once it is in your house. As a general rule, stands should provide 1 quart of water per inch of the trunk diameter.
  • Keep trees away from fireplaces, heaters or other major sources of heat. 
  • Check the water level daily. Make sure the bottom of the trunk is touching the water. 
  • Turn off tree lights when leaving the house or going to bed. 
  • Monitor the tree for freshness.  When the tree appears to be dry, take it outside. If properly taken care of a fresh cut tree can last many weeks.

How to care for your live ball & burlap tree

  • If you choose to buy a live tree that can be planted outside, consider site selection and what type of tree you are looking for. We have a nice selection of White Pine, Canaan Fir, Norway Spruce, Blue Spruce and Serbian Spruce. 
  • Keep in mind that if you plan to bring the tree indoors, they are very heavy and bulky.
  • Once indoors, place the root ball in a plastic or metal tub. 
  • The tree will need adequate amounts of water. Monitor intake daily. 
  • Do not leave a live tree indoors for more than 2-3  weeks max.
  • Do not move the tree from a warm home to freezing temperatures. 
  • Store the tree in an unheated porch or garage for a few days. 
  • If the ground is unfrozen, plant the tree as soon as possible.
  • Do not remove the burlap or metal basket from the root ball.
  • Allow the top of the root ball to be even with ground level.
  • Place mulch around the base of the tree to keep in moisture and allow protection from extreme temperatures

How to care for our wreaths

All of our handmade wreaths, pine roping, centerpieces and swags have been made with fresh cut evergreen.

  • We suggest hanging these decorations outdoors only. 
  • They can be brought indoors prior to Christmas for a few days to a week.

How to care for a centerpiece

Most of our centerpieces are made with wet foam oasis and fresh cut greenery.

  • They can take water. Check moisture level in the foam, add water as needed.
  • Centerpieces can be stored in a cool place. 
  • Keep away from sources of heat.