About Us

Our History

McConnell's Nursery was founded in 1975 when Richard McConnell bought the land from his father, who operated a dairy farm. Richard and his wife, Christine, began to use the land to grow evergreen trees such as; Scotch Pine, Norway Spruce, and Blue Spruce. In the following years, they continued to plant and experiment with several kinds of evergreens and deciduous trees as well as shrubs and groundcover.      Their children; Scott, Gretchen, Jen, always knew they had work to do around the farm. Richard, Scott and Jen  graduated from the Department of Horticulture at Penn State University and are still on the farm.​

Our Future

McConnell's Nursery is now made up of over 70 acres of evergreens and deciduous trees. We dig each tree with a 24", 30" or 34" three spade digger. The machines allows us to dig trees ranging in size from 4' up to 9' or with a 3" caliper. We provide quality B&B material for garden centers, landscape contractors and wholesalers yards in Lawrence County and surrounding areas. 

The farm has seen a lot of changes from milking cows in the 60's and through the years of hand digging every tree. For many years much of the profit was made from propagating groundcover.   With only 4 employees at the nursery now, there is a large 'work crew' of 3rd generation help running around the farm. Wherever the future takes McConnell's Nursery we are excited to see what is around the corner.    

"A man can do nothing better than  to eat and drink and find satisfaction in his work."    -Ecclesiastes 2:24